Fearless - Snow Leopard

Fearless - Snow Leopard

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ChaCha&Chicky Textiles
  • THE CC DIFFERENCE-  We know that you can get scrunchies anywhere, You know what makes us different?  You get to be part of the solution! 

Affirmation Scrunchie 

This exclusive collections contains affirmation words written on each scrunchie. The passion behind this project is to send out girls into the world with affirmations wrapped around their heads. Knowing that everywhere we go, we are Confident, Treasured, Courageous, Steadfast and Fearless

"The Fearless Snow Leopard is one who will do whatever it takes. They do not back down from a fight, and they always stand up for what they believe in"

Each Purchase:

  • Gives 10% Back to our non-profit partner For Her Dignity (FHD)
  • FHD Goes into Ultra Conservative nations around the world, to teach and train women on period poverty and Health Education Project for women 
  • Sustainable and ethically made products from materials that could have ended up in the land fill 
    • Each Scrunchy is hand sewn with High Performance Fabric Ends that would have ended up in the landfill
  • Every Scrunchy you wear shows that you care 
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED💯 We are a Canadian, Family Owned and Operated Company - Your Satisfaction is our #1 Priority. If you have Any questions or concerns please contact us.